Get to know the program which focuses on innovation and entrepreneurship to transform the public sector in Brazil


BraziLAB is an innovation hub that accelerates ideas and gives the entrepreneurs all around the world the opportunity

Brazil is the world's fifth-largest country, both by area and population, with over 200 million people and stands between the ten largest economies in the world.

With all these large numbers came numerous social problems, such as lack of quality education, poor health system and environmental issues, but we understand that for an entrepreneur a problem is an opportunity  to find a solution.

With the proposal to approach the government and entrepreneurs who have ideas to improve the public sector and help their political leaders to solve urgent demands, Brazil Lab emerged as an innovation hub that accelerates ideas.

The main goal is to stimulate in Brazil a culture towards innovation in the public sector supporting high impact entrepreneurs that are engaged in the search of solutions for the complex challenges that society is facing nowadays

During the cycle 2016, BrazilLab will support 10 entrepreneurs that have innovative solutions in three strategic fields – Health, Education and Sustainability – and implement these innovative solutions in at least 7 cities in Brazil. The acceleration program includes mentoring, networking, product development, field trial, road shows to investors and support for implementation.

Participants can send their projects until June 24th through the application form. Remember to check our aplication rules before applying. The selection process will take place on June 28th and the mentoring program will last four months starting in July/2016.

Among our mentors we count with experts such as Carlos Pessoa from Coursera Latin America, Renato Valente from Wayra/Open Future, Andre Barrence from Google Campus São Paulo and Felipe D´Avila from Center for Public Leadership.

If you are an entrepreneur from We Work and you are interested in testing your product in Brazil so that’s a great opportunity for you. Please access Brazil Lab´s website for further information.


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